Is a Marine Survey Worth It – How to Buy the Right Used Boat

Is a marine survey worth it? The answer is yes. This is because it is only with a professional marine survey that you will be able to understand the exact condition of a boat, its fair market value, and if it fits your intended use. In this post, we will be taking a look at how you can make the right decision when buying a used boat and why it is always wise to involve a marine surveyor.

The main challenge of buying a pre-owned vessel is deciding whether it is in good condition and if it will be a good fit for you. Getting a professional Palm Beach marine survey can help you overcome this challenge. This is more so if you are a newcomer or you need all the cards on the table before making a decision on a used boat. The input of a marine surveyor will help you know if you are making the best choice or not. Here are some additional considerations you should make before buying a used boat.

Think about where you will be using the boat

The mistake most buyers make is of going for the biggest boat without thinking about where they will be using the vessel. Prior to making the decision on a boat, you have to think about the size of the lake or river you will be using it on. The perfect boat must suit the local conditions. For a placid lake, for example, a pontoon boat will be perfect. The pontoon boat will, however, be unideal for rough coastal conditions.

Sail or powerboat

The best way to answer this question is by considering the activities you will be involved in. Are you interested in wakeboarding, waterskiing, racing, fishing, or parties on the water? What you need the boat for will help pick the right boat for the job. Consulting a marine surveyor will help you pick the vessel that is perfect for your lifestyle. The required skills will also determine whether you go for a power or a sailboat.


You should not just pay attention to the initial purchase price of a boat. Your budget must also include the maintenance costs. In addition to the purchase price, you will have to set money aside for storage, fuel, insurance as well as annual maintenance costs. A marine surveyor will be happy to give you an estimate on the maintenance costs of your target vessel.

Boat valuation

If you are still asking the question of is a marine survey worth it, it is good to note that a surveyor is the best professional to give you a thorough boat valuation. This is because he is involved in the valuation of boats almost on a daily basis. They are in the best position to perform a valuation and share information on the fair market value of the vessel.

Is a Marine Survey Worth It

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – Common Myths About Boat Ownership

People have many myths about boat ownership. The myths range from working with boat surveyors Palm Beach is a waste of money to maintenance is too expensive. In this post, we will be debunking the top myths that people have. Let’s get started.

I can inspect the boat on my own

When shopping for a used boat, many buyers assume they can perform a satisfactory inspection on their own. The truth is a boat inspection requires more than a visual assessment. Specialized tools may be required to get a better understanding of some issues. Moreover, you must have the right knowledge in order to understand what you are looking at. This is where the need for boat surveyors Palm Beach comes in. An experienced marine surveyor will perform a thorough boat inspection of your boat and let you know its fair market value. This information is important when buying a used boat.

I can’t afford to buy a boat

So many people believe this myth and end up renting boats for years. The truth is if you can afford monthly payments of $250, you can afford to finance a good family pontoon or runabout boat. Personal watercrafts can be financed for as little as $200 a month. The best thing is a good boat dealer will help arrange to finance and provide you with current information on loan rates. The key is, to be honest with your finances and go for the boat that lies within your reach.

Boat insurance is very expensive

This is not true. As a matter of fact, it is more expensive to boat without boat insurance because in the event of an accident, you will pay for everything out of pocket. How much you pay in boat insurance will depend on the value of your boat and where you plan on operating the boat. You can pay as little as $200 for an annual boat policy.

Maintenance and upkeep are too costly

Modern boats require very little maintenance. You only need an oil and filter change, fuel filter change, gear case lubricant and propeller inspection. You can reduce maintenance costs by learning how to handle basic maintenance. You should, however, never skimp on repairs and maintenance.

Boats use too much fuel

Boats use the same technology used in automobiles to improve fuel economy. Unless you are going for a really old vessel, your fuel costs will not be too high. Yes, boats consume more fuel than cars but boat owners don’t use the engine at speed. Most of the time they are on the water lounging or fishing.

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Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – How to Keep Kids Safe When Boating

Do you have kids and plan on bringing them along for your next boating adventure? If you do, the first thing you must do is learn how to keep them safe. There are a couple of things you can do to keep your kids safe. The first one is obviously to make sure your boat is a safe vessel. For this, you will require the input of boat surveyors Palm Beach. Whether you are buying a used vessel or own a used vessel, before you take your kids boating, the first thing you must do is make sure the boat is in perfect condition.

Make sure the boat is in perfect condition

Involving boat surveyors Palm Beach trusts will guarantee that your boat is in perfect condition. The marine surveyor will comb through every inch of your boat to ensure everything is in order. If you are buying a used boat, the surveyor will help you know if the boat needs major repairs or has had major repairs done. The surveyor will also help you know if the boat is a good fit for your desired activity. Simply put, the input of a marine surveyor will keep you from taking your kids out on a doomed vessel.

Teach them how to swim

Even with the perfect boat, something can always go wrong while out at sea. To give your kids a fighting chance, you should make sure they are competent swimmers. Teaching your kids how to swim is the most essential thing you should do. While this may not be an option for the smallest toddlers, the earlier your child learns how to swim the better. Ensuring your kids learn the skills of floating, treading water and being able to swim a good distance will keep them safe when you take them boating.

Bring enough life jackets

Being a good swimmer does not mean you ignore the need for life jackets. Wearing a life jacket will increase the chances of survival. As soon as you get on your boat, make sure everyone on board is wearing their life jacket. Keep in mind that kids learn from watching their parents. If you don’t wear your lifejacket, they will not understand the need for wearing one.

Create rules and safety procedures

When you practice something long enough, it will become second nature. Setting rules and practicing safety procedures before you set sail will increase the safety of your boat. Ensure there is a clear-cut set of rules that must be adhered to while on the boat. You should also practice safety procedures to ensure everyone understands them.

Childproof the boat

Another important thing you should do is to childproof your boat. This is not only a good safety procedure but also makes being on the boat more enjoyable. There are many ways of childproofing a boat. Start by ensuring the keys are always locked away and never left in the ignition. The battery selector switches and electrical panels must also be off-limits. Everything that may be hazardous must also be kept out of the reach of children. You may also consider installing lifeline netting more so when boating with toddlers.

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – Questions to Ask Surveyors Before Hiring

One of the hardest things, when buying a boat, is choosing the best boat surveyors Palm Beach trusts. There are so many surveyors in Florida and they all promise the best and the most comprehensive services in boat inspection. The truth, however, is not all surveyors are equipped to do the job the right way. That is why you should learn to ask the right questions. Here are some of the most important questions you should ask a boat inspector before hiring.

Are you registered?

Anybody can claim to be a dependable boat surveyor. However, if they are not registered with any official surveying organization that regulates its members, chances are they will not do a good job. As you sit down to discuss your needs with boat surveyors Palm Beach, make sure you ask them about their qualifications. They should not just be experienced boaters but should also be a member of a surveying organization. Being part of a surveying organization means they adhere to certain standards.

What is your experience as a surveyor?

Experience plays a huge role in the competence of a marine surveyor. While they may have experience as boaters, if yours is the first boat they are inspecting, you can be certain that the services offered will be mediocre. The best surveyor to work with is one with loads of experience surveying boats. You also need to make sure the surveyor has experience working on vessels similar to yours. Simply put, the surveyor you should hire is the one with experience surveying the size, style, and construction of the boat you are considering. Keep in mind that there are specialist surveyors for all types of boats including sports boats, wooden boats, and sailboats. If possible, find a specialist.

Do you produce clear survey reports?

At the end of the survey, the marine surveyor will provide you with a survey report. This is the document that includes all the findings. If the survey report is not clear, it will not be helpful. Therefore, before hiring a marine surveyor, you need to ask them for dummy reports so that you can see the layout, details, and wordings they use. The goal is to work with a surveyor who creates clear reports with definitive opinions or recommendations.

How much do you charge?

Last but not least, you need to know how much the survey will cost. For this, you should request official quotes as well as the terms and conditions before signing any contract. You also want to make sure the surveyor carries indemnity insurance.

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – Considerations to Make Before Buying a Boat

There are so many things that have to be done before buying a boat. This is irrespective of whether you are going for a brand new or a used boat. You are probably aware of the basic considerations you have to make such as the cost of hiring boat surveyors Palm Beach for an inspection, the size of the boat that you want, how much money you want to spend, uses, and other personal preferences. In this post, we will be looking at the less obvious considerations.


As obvious as it may sound, time is one consideration aspiring boat owners forget about. In relation to time, you need to think about how much time you will be using the boat. If you only get out on the water once every few months, now might not be the best time for you to buy a boat. You will be okay with renting one out. This is because owning a boat comes with expenses. You will need boat insurance, set money aside for maintenance as well as deal with the depreciation. If you are not sure if you should buy a boat, renting one will help make up your mind. On the other hand, if you are retired and desperately need a boat for your new hobby, then go ahead and buy one.


Most people don’t pay cash for a boat. They make use of the many financing options that are available. To get financing, you will need to work with boat surveyors Palm Beach trusts. This is because most lenders will require a boat survey report in order to calculate how much money to lend you. Keep in mind that marine lenders have varying requirements. Reaching out to several lenders will help you identify the one that offers the best terms. In some cases, you will have to raise a deposit of at least 20% of the total value of the boat. Make sure you take a loan that you can repay.


Another reason you will have to engage the services of a boat surveyor is for boat insurance purposes. Just like lenders, insurers will require a survey report. This helps them know how much your boat is worth. As you shop around for a boat, ensure that you focus on vessels whose insurance premiums you can keep up with. The insurance coverage you get will depend on the purchase price, age, and size of your boat.


You don’t plan on using your new boat on a daily basis, do you? You will need breaks. During this time, you will have to get your boat stored somewhere. Smaller boats can be put on a trailer while bigger boats will need to be stored in a boatyard. Boat storage costs money. Make sure you account for these costs before choosing a boat.

There are many more considerations you will have to make before choosing a boat. The aforementioned points will, however, get you started on the right foot. Make sure you involve an experienced marine surveyor throughout the boat buying process.

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – How to Negotiate a Great Deal

Owning a boat puts you on an exciting path. You get a vehicle to explore the expansive Florida coastline and enjoy some time alone or with family far from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, this does not mean you buy just any boat. You must find a boat that fits your intended use. Second, you need the input of boat surveyors Palm Beach trusts to help with the inspection. You don’t want to buy a doomed vessel, do you? The next thing you must do is learn how to negotiate the best deal. Here are some valuable tips that will help you negotiate like a pro.

Research the boat

If you don’t have the information, you will not understand your options. Whether you are buying a brand new or used boat, you must do some research on the vessel. Read reviews on the model. When was it built? Is it ideal for your preferred activity? Now is also the time to research the fair market value of the boat. Again, involving boat surveyors Palm Beach trusts will help you know how much the boat you are targeting should cost. You can use this information to negotiate with the seller. 

Know the cost of repairs

A marine survey has to be carried out before buying a used boat. You need an experienced boat surveyor to thoroughly inspect the vessel and give a detailed list of everything that will have to be repaired. Depending on what you intend on using the boat for, you can make your list of things the surveyor should inspect. The surveyor will provide you with a list of everything that has to be repaired, from the dents in the fiberglass to broken navigation systems. The surveyor can also help calculate how much the repair will probably cost. You can then tell the seller you will pay the agreed price if all the repairs are done or pay a lower price to account for the repairs.

Don’t let the list of equipment sway you

It is easy to be impressed by a vessel with impressive onboard equipment. You must never allow the pieces of equipment to sway you. While the long list of equipment can be a real bonus on a new boat, you will likely have to replace most of the old systems when you buy a used boat. Keep in mind that equipment and cosmetics have always been used as a tool for selling boats. Focus on the boat itself, and don’t forget to calculate how much it will cost to upgrade or replace the onboard equipment.

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

Survey Guidelines Followed by Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

If you have done your research on boat surveys, then you know that boat surveyors Palm Beach trusts simply observes and creates a report on their findings. They do not take components apart or repair damages. If there are issues that need more attention, the surveyor will request that you bring in a mechanic or electrician to take a closer look. The primary job of a surveyor is to help you understand the condition of a vessel and give recommendations on repairs and fair market value.

While their job is simply to observe and report, boat surveyors Palm Beach believes in do not just act on their own opinions. There are certain guidelines they follow. For example, when a boat survey is needed for purposes of insurance, an insurance provider will give a list of items that have to be covered in the survey. The surveyor also adheres to various other guidelines.

Code o Federal Regulations (CFRs)

This is also referred to as the ‘Coast Guard regulations’. The purpose of this regulation is to cover minimal requirements for safety equipment, sanitation, navigation lights, fuel and electrical systems, and engine. Although diesel-powered boats are free from electrical and mechanical regulations, they have to comply with other regulations.

American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)

These standards are less of regulations but more of recommendations. They carry significant weight in the vent of failure or accident getting in court. The standards are quite extensive and they cover about everything on a vessel apart from the basic design and construction. Bearing in mind that the regulations are comprehensive, most of the sections don’t apply to one individual vessel or another. All in all, most of the systems a boat surveyor sees will have relevant recommendations from the American Boat and Yacht Council.

National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)

While doing their work, surveyors will also need to cite standards from the National Fire Protection Agency. There are cases where a surveyor may use other sources. For example, a surveyor can judge the lifelines on racing sailboards based on Offshore Special Regulations which is the body that sets rules on offshore sailboat racing.

While these are just some of the survey guidelines a boat surveyor in Palm Beach will follow, judgement calls are still there. That is why it is so important that you only contact experienced surveyors with an impeccable track record. The set standards cannot help evaluate the significance of an elevated moisture reading or the level of wear in hoses or belts. Only experience will help a surveyor evaluate this accurately.

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

Key Inspection Points by Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

If you are thinking about buying a used boat, you must ensure you have in-depth information about the vessel before proceeding with the purchase. This is because some repairs and upgrades can be very expensive. The input of boat surveyors Palm Beach can help you know what works and what doesn’t on a vessel. You can use this information to either negotiate a better deal with the seller or simply look for another vessel. But what exactly do surveyors look for in a boat inspection?


No matter how well maintained the haul and systems seem to be, if the engine has a problem, the boat will not perform. That is why a key area of inspection during a boat survey is the engine bay. If the boat is an inboard or sterndrive, the engine bay will give a lot of information on how well the vessel has been maintained. Boat surveyors Palm Beach look at how dry and clean the engine bay is. They consider if rigging is well-supported and neat and if it is free of corrosion and rust. The engine hours are also considered. The more hours an engine has, the more unreliable it might be.


The marine surveyor will then test the systems on the vessel. All the electronics will be fired up and the surveyor will pay attention to the generator, pumps, air conditioning, stereo, drive trim, trim tabs, lights and all other systems. The objective here is to take note of the systems that are not working and the ones that are missing. This information will be provided in the survey report.

Sea trial

Simply firing up the systems and engine will not offer adequate information to determine the condition of the vessel. That is why your surveyor will most likely recommend a sea trial. A sea trial helps evaluate how the vessel performs in real-world conditions. The surveyor will take note of how the engine performs and check for leaks. Anything that underperforms during the sea trial will be documented.

Get the boat hauled

Some areas cannot be inspected until the vessel is out of the water. That is why you should make arrangements for the boat to be hauled. This will help the surveyor to inspect the bottom for obvious defects such as damaged running gear, hull blisters, broken trim tabs, excessive fouling and so on.

A boat survey might reveal very grim details about your dream boat. You must, therefore, be prepared to walk away if major issues are revealed. Don’t let the excitement of owning the boat cloud your judgement. The case is the same if the price is way over your budget.

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – Answers to Common Questions on Boat Surveys

Working with boat surveyors Palm Beach is the best decision you can make when buying a used boat. The reason for this is the surveyor will help you better evaluate the vessel you are considering and help you know if the set selling price is fair or not. It is also the surveyor’s job to recommend repairs. Some of the findings will also help you better negotiate with the seller. However, for you to get the best services from a surveyor, you have to learn a few things about a survey. That way you will be more at ease as the surveyor works on your boat. Here are answers to the most common questions on boat surveys.

After hiring a surveyor, do I still need to bring in a mechanic?

The answer is yes. The work of boat surveyors Palm Beach is simply to listen and observe. Marine surveyors’ role is to record what they see and hear. This means a surveyor will not dismantle a component to look inside. If they suspect there is a problem, they will either use imaging equipment to look inside or recommend that you get a mechanic or electrician to look at a component.

What is slipping?

Also known as hard-standing a vessel, slipping is the process of removing a boat from the water for either repairs or inspection. For a comprehensive inspection, a boat surveyor will recommend slipping. This is a normal practice in marine surveys. The purpose is to help the surveyor or mechanic check the underwater components. Slipping may also be done to clean the bottom of the boat. Once the inspection is done, the boat will be put back in the water for a sea trial. Slipping is required in pre-purchase surveys. Insurance companies will not agree to insure your boat unless it has been ‘slipped’.

Who pays for slipping?

Typically, the buyer pays for slipping. This is a normal practice. As the buyer, you will also pay for hull cleaning. If slipping has to be done, you must make plans for the boat to be slipped. The weather also needs to be conducive otherwise the survey will be delayed. You also need to give the marine surveyor ample time to complete the inspection. If you have no idea how to go about slipping, you can liaise with the seller or broker to organize for slipping. Some sellers/brokers may have a preferred slipway. The surveyor may also have a slipway in mind.

Should I show the seller the final boat survey?

It is always recommended to share the boat survey report with the seller so that you are both in agreement. If there are defects, the seller will need the report to know what needs to be fixed. You can also use the survey report to negotiate with the seller.

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach

What is the Importance of Hiring Boat Surveyors Palm Beach?

If you are thinking about working with boat surveyors Palm Beach, you probably have done your research on what is a boat survey. If you haven’t, a boat survey also referred to as a marine survey, is a comprehensive check-up for a boat. It is the equivalent of getting a roadworthy certificate for a car. The primary purpose of a boat survey is to identify any existing issues, highlight areas of weakness and provide a detailed image of the overall condition of the vessel. There are three main reasons why you should hire a marine surveyor.

Get an unbiased assessment

When buying a used boat, it is good to note that the owner may be unaware of some existing issues. That is why you need to request an independent survey from boat surveyors Palm Beach. The survey has to be done as a condition of purchase and before settlement.

A marine surveyor will assess every aspect of the boat ranging from structural and rigging to electrical systems, plumbing and mechanical components. This will be done both on and off the water. The findings of the surveyor will then be detailed in a survey report. Pay attention to the feedback of the surveyor because their assessment is both independent and unbiased.

For insurance valuation

An independent survey report is usually a requirement for insurers. Most insurers will require that you get a survey done before they can insure your pre-owned boat. The survey will help you know if there are major defects that need to be repaired and how much the repairs will cost. The survey also gives an estimate of the fair market value of the boat. This information is vital because it will help you know if you are making a sound investment or not.

Always make sure the boat surveyor you are using is approved by the insurance company you plan on using. You also need to request a list of items that your insurer wants to be reviewed.

Protect your investment

The third reason why you should consider getting a survey done is to protect your investment. Buying a boat is a big investment. You have to think through the decision carefully. One way of doing that is getting a thorough inspection of the vessel. Hire a competent surveyor to help with the inspection.

A lot goes into a marine survey. The best thing you can do is make sure that you have the right team doing the evaluation for you. Find boat surveyors Palm Beach who have performed surveys on boats similar to the one you are considering. The surveyor must also have a good reputation.

Boat Surveyors Palm Beach