Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – Common Myths About Boat Ownership

People have many myths about boat ownership. The myths range from working with boat surveyors Palm Beach is a waste of money to maintenance is too expensive. In this post, we will be debunking the top myths that people have. Let’s get started.

I can inspect the boat on my own

When shopping for a used boat, many buyers assume they can perform a satisfactory inspection on their own. The truth is a boat inspection requires more than a visual assessment. Specialized tools may be required to get a better understanding of some issues. Moreover, you must have the right knowledge in order to understand what you are looking at. This is where the need for boat surveyors Palm Beach comes in. An experienced marine surveyor will perform a thorough boat inspection of your boat and let you know its fair market value. This information is important when buying a used boat.

I can’t afford to buy a boat

So many people believe this myth and end up renting boats for years. The truth is if you can afford monthly payments of $250, you can afford to finance a good family pontoon or runabout boat. Personal watercrafts can be financed for as little as $200 a month. The best thing is a good boat dealer will help arrange to finance and provide you with current information on loan rates. The key is, to be honest with your finances and go for the boat that lies within your reach.

Boat insurance is very expensive

This is not true. As a matter of fact, it is more expensive to boat without boat insurance because in the event of an accident, you will pay for everything out of pocket. How much you pay in boat insurance will depend on the value of your boat and where you plan on operating the boat. You can pay as little as $200 for an annual boat policy.

Maintenance and upkeep are too costly

Modern boats require very little maintenance. You only need an oil and filter change, fuel filter change, gear case lubricant and propeller inspection. You can reduce maintenance costs by learning how to handle basic maintenance. You should, however, never skimp on repairs and maintenance.

Boats use too much fuel

Boats use the same technology used in automobiles to improve fuel economy. Unless you are going for a really old vessel, your fuel costs will not be too high. Yes, boats consume more fuel than cars but boat owners don’t use the engine at speed. Most of the time they are on the water lounging or fishing.

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