Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – Questions to Ask Surveyors Before Hiring

One of the hardest things, when buying a boat, is choosing the best boat surveyors Palm Beach trusts. There are so many surveyors in Florida and they all promise the best and the most comprehensive services in boat inspection. The truth, however, is not all surveyors are equipped to do the job the right way. That is why you should learn to ask the right questions. Here are some of the most important questions you should ask a boat inspector before hiring.

Are you registered?

Anybody can claim to be a dependable boat surveyor. However, if they are not registered with any official surveying organization that regulates its members, chances are they will not do a good job. As you sit down to discuss your needs with boat surveyors Palm Beach, make sure you ask them about their qualifications. They should not just be experienced boaters but should also be a member of a surveying organization. Being part of a surveying organization means they adhere to certain standards.

What is your experience as a surveyor?

Experience plays a huge role in the competence of a marine surveyor. While they may have experience as boaters, if yours is the first boat they are inspecting, you can be certain that the services offered will be mediocre. The best surveyor to work with is one with loads of experience surveying boats. You also need to make sure the surveyor has experience working on vessels similar to yours. Simply put, the surveyor you should hire is the one with experience surveying the size, style, and construction of the boat you are considering. Keep in mind that there are specialist surveyors for all types of boats including sports boats, wooden boats, and sailboats. If possible, find a specialist.

Do you produce clear survey reports?

At the end of the survey, the marine surveyor will provide you with a survey report. This is the document that includes all the findings. If the survey report is not clear, it will not be helpful. Therefore, before hiring a marine surveyor, you need to ask them for dummy reports so that you can see the layout, details, and wordings they use. The goal is to work with a surveyor who creates clear reports with definitive opinions or recommendations.

How much do you charge?

Last but not least, you need to know how much the survey will cost. For this, you should request official quotes as well as the terms and conditions before signing any contract. You also want to make sure the surveyor carries indemnity insurance.

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