Boat Surveyors Palm Beach – Answers to Common Questions on Boat Surveys

Working with boat surveyors Palm Beach is the best decision you can make when buying a used boat. The reason for this is the surveyor will help you better evaluate the vessel you are considering and help you know if the set selling price is fair or not. It is also the surveyor’s job to recommend repairs. Some of the findings will also help you better negotiate with the seller. However, for you to get the best services from a surveyor, you have to learn a few things about a survey. That way you will be more at ease as the surveyor works on your boat. Here are answers to the most common questions on boat surveys.

After hiring a surveyor, do I still need to bring in a mechanic?

The answer is yes. The work of boat surveyors Palm Beach is simply to listen and observe. Marine surveyors’ role is to record what they see and hear. This means a surveyor will not dismantle a component to look inside. If they suspect there is a problem, they will either use imaging equipment to look inside or recommend that you get a mechanic or electrician to look at a component.

What is slipping?

Also known as hard-standing a vessel, slipping is the process of removing a boat from the water for either repairs or inspection. For a comprehensive inspection, a boat surveyor will recommend slipping. This is a normal practice in marine surveys. The purpose is to help the surveyor or mechanic check the underwater components. Slipping may also be done to clean the bottom of the boat. Once the inspection is done, the boat will be put back in the water for a sea trial. Slipping is required in pre-purchase surveys. Insurance companies will not agree to insure your boat unless it has been ‘slipped’.

Who pays for slipping?

Typically, the buyer pays for slipping. This is a normal practice. As the buyer, you will also pay for hull cleaning. If slipping has to be done, you must make plans for the boat to be slipped. The weather also needs to be conducive otherwise the survey will be delayed. You also need to give the marine surveyor ample time to complete the inspection. If you have no idea how to go about slipping, you can liaise with the seller or broker to organize for slipping. Some sellers/brokers may have a preferred slipway. The surveyor may also have a slipway in mind.

Should I show the seller the final boat survey?

It is always recommended to share the boat survey report with the seller so that you are both in agreement. If there are defects, the seller will need the report to know what needs to be fixed. You can also use the survey report to negotiate with the seller.

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