Surveyors Near Me – How Much Does a Boat Cost?

From small kayaks to super–yachts, Americans are buying boats at an unprecedented rate. In 2019, there were about 11.8 million private boat owners in the US. This number continues to rise. If you are thinking about buying a boat, the question you may be asking is how much does a boat really cost? It is not easy to pin down a number. However, before you commit to buying a specific type of boat, make sure you get the input of experienced boat surveyors near me. A surveyor will perform a boat inspection and help you know the fair market value of the boat you are after. In this post, we will be looking at the factors that affect the cost of a boat.

Condition of the boat

The condition a boat is in will significantly impact its selling price. For example, a brand new boat will cost a lot more than a used boat. While brand new boats come with a warranty and new equipment, they have one major flaw, they experience depreciation at an alarming rate. This is what makes a pre-owned boat a better investment. However, before you settle for a used boat, you have to make sure that it is in good condition. This is where the need for the services of boat surveyors near me comes in handy. The surveyor will perform a thorough inspection and help you know all the problems the boat has and what you should pay for it in a perfect market. The boat surveyor will also help you know if the vessel you are after is a good fit for your intended use.

Size and style

As expected, larger boats cost more than smaller boats. Boats that have cabins and enclosed cockpits also tend to cost a lot more than open-top boats. The more extensive an enclosed space is, the more expensive the boat is.


Just like cars, some brands are more expensive than others.  Buying a boat from a good name will definitely cost you more upfront. It will, however, save you a lot of money in the long term. For example, the Duffy boats are known and respected boatmakers. Buying a generic boat of a similar design will not offer the same reliability and quality. It will, however, cost you less.


The cost of boats is further impacted by the demand and location. When there is a high demand for boats, the cost of boats will definitely go up. To save money, you should shop in the off-season. This is usually in the winter months.


The features that a boat has will also impact the cost. Boats come in basic and fully loaded models. The fully loaded model will cost you a lot more. Simply put, the more features you choose the more expensive the purchase will be.

The only way to know precisely how much a boat should cost is to talk with a reputable dealer in your area. The input of a marine surveyor near me will further keep you from paying too much on a boat.

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