What are the Main Duties of a Boat Surveyor Palm Beach

Are you a boat owner or plan on buying a boat? If yes, you will require the services of a boat surveyor Palm Beach. This is an expert trained and experienced in evaluating a boat. Marine surveyors are able to inspect all types of vessels from yachts to tankers that are more than 200 meters long. There are various responsibilities that a surveyor has to fulfil.

The main responsibility of a marine surveyor is to conduct a thorough examination of a ship. In most cases, persons buying a used boat are the ones that require the services of a surveyor the most. It is, however, good to note that you will also benefit from the input of a boat surveyor Palm Beach when buying a new vessel. The surveyor can evaluate the boat before it is delivered to you. This is done not just to determine the seaworthiness of the boat but to make sure all your specifications have been addressed.

One of the key reasons you need the input of a boat surveyor is to be certain of the condition of your boat. The surveyor will inspect every inch of the boat and report on damages, missing components and if necessary recommend bringing in a mechanic. Surveyors simply listen and observe. They never take components apart. That is why it is not uncommon to be advised to bring in a mechanic or electrician before a marine survey is given.

The marine surveyor ensures all the equipment and machinery are working properly. This will include components like engines, navigation and communication equipment. The surveyor will also check the safety and emergency equipment to ensure they are in good operating conditions. The surveyor will also witness tests and ensure the reports are within the acceptable standards.

Another key duty of a surveyor is to perform an investigation of maritime accidents. This could be done to help you know if the boat you are buying is accident-free. The service may also be requested by an insurance organization or a ship-owner to get to the root of the problem.

The surveyor will determine the extent of the damage. To do so, the surveyor will consult reports of the boat before the accident. If it is submerged, a salvage will be needed. Before salvage commences, the surveyor can be brought in to determine if the wreck can be moved safely without causing more damage to the vessel itself and to the biosphere.

Most people will bring in a boat surveyor Palm Beach in order to get a fair and unbiased evaluation of their maritime assets. This is often done when planning on selling or buying a vessel. The survey will also help when applying for maritime insurance and when trying to use the vessel as collateral for a loan.

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