Boat Inspector Palm Beach – What Does a Marine Surveyor Look for in a Boat

A boat inspector Palm Beach is hired to properly inspect a boat. The goal of a surveyor is to make sure that the interests of the buyer are matched with the condition of the boat. The surveyor will inspect the vessel based on the set standards. The areas he inspects and tests he runs will depend on the type of boat survey that you need. Here are some of the key things that surveyors look for when inspecting a boat.


When not fixed, cracks can lead to major problems that can be expensive to fix. That is why some marine surveyors will recommend an out-of-water inspection to take a better look at the boat. It is also not uncommon for a boat inspector Palm Beach to use special equipment to check for cracks. The surveyor will inspect the hull while paying attention to the chines, strakes and stem. They will look for scratches and document every crack, regardless of how small they are. Cracks have to be repaired as soon as possible.

Holes and seepage

The boat surveyor will remove and check the outboard cowling. Holes and all possible seepage have to be document and repairs be done as soon as possible. The surveyor will ensure that the springs are working properly and make sure linkages between shift and throttle are greased properly. Any sign of corrosion has to be documented and repairs must be done as soon as possible.


One of the primary duties of a boat surveyor in Palm Beach is to find leaks. A boat spends most of its life in water. Leaks can make the boat very unsafe. That is why the surveyor pays close attention to leaks. Fuel and oil leaks must also be looked at. The surveyor will ensure that seals and gaskets have no leaks.

Fuel and oil test

Most people assume the only job of the dipstick is to determine the level of the oil. That is not the only thing it does. You can use it to check the state of the oil. If the oil is black, you may have to get it changed.  On the other hand, if the oil smells burned or looks milky, there might be water in it. A marine surveyor will be able to test the fuel and oil on your boat and let you know if they are in good condition.


It is also the job of a boat inspector Palm Beach to ensure all the wiring is in place and working properly. As you may already know, faulty wiring is the leading cause of fires on a boat.

You never know what could happen while out in the open sea. That is why you need to work closely with a boat inspector Palm Beach to understand the exact state of your boat.

Boat Inspector Palm Beach