Marine Surveyors Palm Beach – What You Must Understand About a Marine Survey

There are always some important points marine surveyors Palm Beachwish their clients knew. That way they would be able to avoid the myriad questions asked when performing a survey. If you are getting ready for a boat survey or need help with a valuation, there are a couple of things every marine surveyor wishes you already knew. They include the following.

The only good survey is the one you get today

The worst mistake you can ever make is that of relying on an old survey. This is a common mistake new boat owners make. They assume that since the current owner had a survey performed a few months ago the information in the report still hold. This is never the case. The condition of a boat can be changed by so many things including hailstorms. To understand the exact condition of a boat, you need to bring in marine surveyors Palm Beach to perform a new survey. If you want to get the boat insured, most insurance companies require that you have a survey that is less than six months old.

Never miss your own survey

A marine survey is more like your own wedding; you have to be there. Although it is possible to ask a friend to stand in for you, it is always good to be on site while the survey is being done. Attending the survey will give you the chance to ask all the questions you may have and the surveyor will be able to ask you questions that helps him understand your boat even better. You also need to be around to show the surveyor around your boat and move items out of the way.

Experience is king

Never make the mistake of selecting a marine surveyor simply because he is affordable. When it comes to boat surveys, experience always trumps price. It is vital that you find a surveyor that has experience assessing boats similar to the one you have. That way he will not rely on guesswork or give you an incomplete survey report. Examine the reputation of a marine surveyor before hiring. Too many negative reviews are a red flag.

A survey is not a pass or a fail

A marine survey is never a test. The boat you are considering will not pass or fail the test. Marine surveyors Palm Beach simply evaluate the boat to determine if it is acceptable to the buyer. Insurance companies can use the survey to give a list of corrective actions that have to be done in order to provide coverage.

The above are the most important points you have to keep in mind when getting ready for a marine survey. For the most comprehensive surveys, you have to hire a reputable surveyor that has worked on boats similar to yours.

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