Points to Remember Before a Boat Inspection Palm Beach

Are you ready for a boat inspection Palm Beach? If you are, you probably have already zeroed in on some of the best marine surveyors in the area. You have also done the math on how long the survey will take and compiled a list of things your surveyor will do. All this is, however, not enough. There are a couple more things every boat surveyor wishes you would do.

Do not rush the process

As a boat owner in need of an urgent boat inspection Palm Beach, you definitely want the survey to be done as soon as possible. What most people don’t understand is that even if the boat surveyor is available at the time you call him, delays are often unavoidable. This is due to the fact that surveys are usually done outside. The weather is a major concern. Moisture meters are not much good when used in the rain.

Away from the weather, the boat will need to be handled by a boatyard. Moving the boat and other items out of the way may cause further delays. The boat owner has to make arrangements for the sea-trial too. All these things cause unavoidable delays.

Prepare sufficiently for the inspection

The mistake most boat owners make is that of not taking the time to get their boat ready for the inspection. For starters, the boat owner or representative has to be aboard in order to guide the surveyor around the boat. Second, it is the job of the owner or owner’s representative to use tools to remove panels and to make it easy to access areas around the boat. The work of the surveyor is simply to observe and listen.

When getting ready for the boat inspection Palm Beach, you need to remove all the unnecessary gear out of the way and clean the vessel. Doing so will make it easier for the surveyor to assess the boat. Don’t force the boat surveyor to work around obstacles because that will only get in the way of his work.

The sea-trial

The purpose of a sea-trial is to evaluate the operation of the vessel. If you are not familiar with the vessel, you should arrange for someone to drive the boat. You also need to have as few people aboard as possible during the sea-trial. You also need to ensure all the hatches are up because the surveyor will walk in and out of every place on the boat. The less people you have aboard the easier it will be for the surveyor to do his work.

Leave the surveyor out of the negotiation process

Last but not least, unless you asked the surveyor to help with the negotiations, you should try leave him out. Surveyors generally talk only about the survey to their client.

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