Boat Surveyor Palm Beach – Answers to Great Questions About Marine Surveys

Have you ever worked with a boat surveyor Palm Beachbefore or is now the first time you are considering the option? If this is your first time thinking about working with a marine surveyor, you definitely have a lot of questions in your mind. How much will it cost? How long will the survey last? What do I need to provide to the surveyor? These are all questions that can only be answered by the surveyor you are planning on hiring. Each surveyor will give you a different answer. There are, however, other questions that have somewhat the same answers. They include the following.

What does a marine surveyor do?

Prior to hiring a boat surveyor Palm Beach, you want to understand clearly what it is that he or she does. The main duty of a marine surveyor is to thoroughly evaluate a marine vessel and provide you with a detailed report. The surveyor can help you understand the overall condition of the boat and the ideal market value. A surveyor can also be hired for the purposes of insurance. With many different types of surveys being available, you want to discuss at length the type of services that the marine surveyor offers. You also need to understand that your insurance provider may require you to work with a specific marine surveyor and check specific items.

How do you prepare for a marine survey?

To get ready for a marine survey, you need to remove all the unnecessary gear from the boat. The idea is to leave the boat free of clutter so that the surveyor can find his way around the boat with ease. the bilge as well as all the machinery need to be clean. Make sure you bring all the necessary keys and get all the necessary permissions for a sea-trial to be completed.

Should I attend the marine survey?

Your boat surveyor Palm Beach will need someone familiar with the vessel to open the locks and grant permission. You should, therefore, be present during the survey. Being present gives you the chance to get any clarification you need as the surveyor works. If you cannot be available for the survey, provide your contact information to the surveyor and if possible have someone around to guide the surveyor around your boat.

How often do I need a marine survey?

How often you need the survey will depend on your insurance company, the value of your boat, its age and the conditions you operate it in. Most surveyors recommend getting a boat survey at least once every 3 years. 

Can I do a marine survey myself?

You cannot do a marine survey yourself unless you are a licensed and experienced marine surveyor. This is more so when it comes to large, engine-powered vessels that have complex electrical systems.

While the list of questions is incomplete, it will definitely give you a good start. Always make sure you work with a surveyor that has a great track record working on vessels similar to yours.

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