Boat Surveyor Palm Beach – How is a Sea Trial Done?

If you have worked with a boat surveyor Palm Beach before, then understand that a sea trial is a fancy term for test drive. The whole purpose of a sea trial is to test the seaworthiness of a vessel. A marine surveyor will use a sea trial to test the speed and maneuverability of a boat. he will also use this opportunity to listen for weird vibrations and observe all the systems that are onboard.

There are various established standards for a sea trial. However, it is good to note that it is your job as the boat owner or boat buyer to insist on getting a sea trial. Always insist on a sea trial if the boat is complicated or uncommon. A chance to ride on the boat with a boat surveyor Palm Beach will help you gauge if this is the boat of your dreams or not.

Sellers are aware that some buyers are only interested in a joy ride. To avoid wasting time, most will ask you to agree to a price first before the boat leaves the dock. Some will also verify that you have the money to purchase the boat. For larger boats, it is not uncommon for the seller to retain a refundable deposit as well as a signed contract with an ‘acceptance of vessel’ clause with regards to a successful sea trial.

On Land

The first thing a boat surveyor will do is walk around the boat and thumb on the sides. This is done to ensure the hull is solid. If it is not solid, it is probably because there was water intrusion and delamination. The surveyor will also inspect the underwater gear. If there are any issues, a record will be made of all the problems.

The surveyor will then get on the boat to inspect everything. He will do everything from ensuring the grab rails are not loose to sitting on the pedestal seats to ensure they are mounted firmly. The inspector will also check for mold and mildew. If they suspect a problem, they may use imaging equipment to see inside components. You may be requested to hire a mechanic if there is a serious issue.

Sea Trial

For a sea trial, the boat should be cold before it is fired up. The surveyor will listen for weird noises when turning the boat on. They will also take note of how the shifter works as they back out. The boat will then be observed on how it gets to on plane after advancing the throttle. The boat should be able to hold a cruising speed without any issue. This is typically at 3,500 rpm.

A lot goes into a sea trial. To get the best inspection, always ensure you are working with an experienced boat surveyor Palm Beach. Find someone that has worked on boats similar to the one you own or intend to buy.

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