Boat inspector Palm Beach – How to Maintain a Boat

The main reason why you hire a professional boat inspector Palm Beach before buying a boat is to ensure you never invest in a doomed vessel. An inspector will ensure that you understand every inch of a boat before committing your money. Once the boat is yours, the next thing you will have to do is give it the best care. In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the things you should do in boat maintenance.

Gelcoat, polishes and waxes

Do you own a fiberglass boat? If yes, you will need gelcoat maintenance to put up with. Gelcoat is the tough, glossy finish on the exterior that protects the fiberglass from the sun, salt, and other elements. If the gel is in a poor condition, it will appear hazy or chalky. The good news is you can restore the gelcoat.

If a boat you are considering has a gelcoat that is a hazy, chalky mess, always ask a boat inspector Palm Beach to check if any damage has been done to the fiberglass. If the fiberglass is in perfect condition, all you need to do is use wax or polish to restore the glossy look. Waxes protect and seal the gelcoat whereas polishes remove oxidation from gelcoat to give it a shiny look. You will also find products that contain both polish and wax.

Your boat needs regular cleaning. You also have to maintain the gelcoat with wax at least twice every season. Always perform this task before you head out in spring and before storing the boat away for winter.

Marine canvas

Does your boat have a canvas for creating the cockpit or console enclosures? If so, you will have to care for this material. Start by keeping the canvas clean. You must never wash the canvas or dry it in your household washer or dryer. Wash it using a light brush, a mild soap, and plenty of fresh water. Regular cleaning will keep the UV and waterproofing components of the fabric intact. Cleaning also helps prevent the growth of mildew. If the canvas has lost its waterproofing qualities, you can treat it using a range of products available in the store.

Upholstery and vinyl

The comfy seats on your boat need to be cared for. Vinyl is the common material that is used for exterior furniture components. It is a very tough and durable material. It can, however, be destroyed by the wrong cleaners. For routine cleaning, use a bucket of mild, soapy water and a sponge. Never use ammonia or bleach as these chemicals will cause the vinyl to break down.

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