Boaters Guide on Hiring Marine Surveyors Palm Beach

Finding the perfect boat for you is hard but it is not the last step you will take when buying a pre-owned boat. The next thing you will need to do is make sure that the boat you are buying is in good condition and perfect for your intended use. This is where the services of marine surveyors Palm Beach come in.

A boat surveyor is an individual certified to perform certain types of inspections on a boat. These individuals have a strong boating and/or mechanical background and they know more about boats than an average boater. The main role of marine surveyors Palm Beach is basically to assess and report on the condition of the mechanical and structural components of a boat.

An important point you have to remember is that surveyors do not take components apart to inspect their condition. They simply listen and observe. They may also use specialized imaging equipment to look inside components without taking them apart.

Why use a surveyor?

Bearing in mind surveyors simply observe, listen and report, you may feel like you don’t need them. The truth is you cannot replace the role of a marine surveyor. The first reason being surveyors use specialized tools like moisture meters to examine a vessel. They also have more experience inspecting boats like yours. Moreover, if you plan on financing your boat or getting insurance, lenders and insurers will require you to have a certified survey. This means you will have to involve a surveyor.

How much will the service cost?

The fee varies from one surveyor to the next. On average, surveyors charge between $18 and $25 per foot. This fee may include an out-of-water inspection, a test of all the systems, a sea trial and a full survey report. You may have to pay more for extra services like compression. Always check with the surveyor before requesting additional services.

Types of surveys offered

Before you hire any surveyor, you must start by taking note of the services they offer. The type of survey you need will depend on what you need it for. For example, if an insurer requested a boat survey to be done, you will require an insurance survey. This has to be done by a surveyor that is approved by your insurer. If you want to know the value of your boat, you will need an appraisal inspection. A pre-purchase survey is what you need when buying a used boat. The rule of thumb is to stick with surveyors who have experience offering the types of services you need.  

Questions to ask a survey

Prior to hiring marine surveyors Palm Beach, there are three very important questions you should ask:

  • Have you surveyed vessels that are similar to mine in terms of size, make and model?
  • What will be included in the boat survey?
  • How long will it take to get the survey report?

These points will give you an upper hand when hiring a surveyor. Always stick with surveyors that have a great reputation.

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