Marine Surveyor Palm Beach – 4 Things Your Marine Surveyor Wants You to Know

When getting ready to buy a used boat, hiring a marine surveyor Palm Beach will guarantee that you make an investment that you fully understand. Marine surveyors offer several types of services. But did you know there are certain things a surveyor wishes you already knew? In this post, we will be looking at the key things every marine surveyor wishes you knew.

The kind of boat you want

A marine surveyorPalm Beach can tell you a lot about a vessel, but they will not be able to tell you if the boat you are considering is right for you. If you are not sure if you want a sailboat or a powerboat, every other kind of craft you get surveyed will be a waste of time and money.

It is vital that before you hire a surveyor, you do your research to know the kind of boat that would be perfect for you. You then need to narrow down your search to the boats that make the most sense to you. Knowing how you plan on using the boat will further help the surveyor help you know which boats would be better for you. The general rule is to find the kind of boat you want then hire a surveyor.

Type of survey you need

As aforementioned, there are so many types of surveys performed by boat surveyors. They include condition and valuation surveys (marine surveys), engine surveys, and rig surveys. If you are getting a marine survey being done to help you get an insurance cover, your insurance company may require that you get an out of the water survey. This kind of survey inspects the bottom of the boat, running gear, and the interior and exterior of the vessel. For insurance purposes, rig and mechanic surveys are not required, but they are recommended.

Surveys have a limited lifetime

The worst mistake you can make when buying a boat is relying on the survey report of the previous owner. The fact you need to understand is a boat survey is a snapshot in time. It is good only for the day it is done. You should never rely on an old survey to accurately represent the condition of a boat. Water excursions, weather, and dry dock can damage the condition of a boat in an instant.

Give the surveyor room to work

A marine surveyor Palm Beach likes it when you are present at the survey. This enables them to answer any question you may have and get answers to their question without any problem. What they don’t like, however, is you getting in their way. The surveyor needs to see everything on the boat. Make sure you are not an unnecessary distraction.

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