What You Need to Know About a Pre-Purchase Boat Inspection Palm Beach

A pre-purchase boat inspection Palm Beach approves is often required when buying a boat. However, for you to take full advantage of the survey, you must have a deeper understanding of what the surveyor will be looking for. Yes, you can get some insight inspecting a boat by yourself but a professional pre-purchase survey is a whole different animal.

Finding a boat to buy in Florida is easy. Buying a perfect boat is, however, a whole different story. Once you locate a boat that interests you, the next thing you must do is take a closer look into it. You will need a boat surveyor for this.

As you get ready to bring a surveyor on board for a boat inspection Palm Beach approves, it is good to understand that the surveyor only works for you. He is hired by and works for the buyer. Due to the conflict of interest, you must refrain from working with a surveyor that is recommended to you by the seller or broker. Always find an independent surveyor to inspect the boat for you.

The good news is there is a clear path forward because every boat comes with a work list. This means the marine surveyor will have their work defined for them. If you need the survey done for insurance, make sure the surveyor you hire will be approved by your insurance provider and ask your insurer for a list of items that have to be inspected.

Surveyors have guidelines they use to help make an informed judgement call. This means the surveyor will not be acting on their own opinions. They follow guidelines from the Code of Federal Regulations, American Boat, and Yacht Council among other established bodies. Each of these guidelines covers specific areas. For example, the Code of Federal Regulations covers minimum requirements for navigation lights, safety equipment, sanitation, engine, fuel, and electrical systems. Diesel-powered boats are usually free from electrical and mechanical regulations. They must, however, comply with the other regulation.

While guidelines do exist on what a surveyor must look for in a boat inspection in Palm Beach, their judgement calls still matter. That is why it is so important to work with an experienced boat surveyor. Find someone that has lots of experience surveying vessels that are similar to yours. The surveyor you hire must also come highly recommended. You should also not be afraid to ask the surveyor the questions you may have. They work for you, remember?

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