Boat Surveyor Palm Beach – How to Buy a Used Boat from a Private Seller

With the responsibility of making sure you buy an excellent boat resting on your shoulders, you have to evaluate the benefits of buying from a private seller instead of buying through brokers. Price is the most significant benefit. Private sellers tend to be cheaper since they don’t charge commissions. Expanding your search for a boat to private sellers further increases your choices. It is also easy to negotiate better terms with the owner than it is to negotiate with a broker. However, this does not mean you ignore the input of a boat surveyor Palm Beachtrusts.

At any given time, there are hundreds of boats available for sale across Florida. Unfortunately, some of these vessels are in terrible conditions. Sellers will not make you aware of those issues because their goal is to close the deal. That is why you need a boat surveyor Palm Beach recommends to help assess the boat thoroughly. Next, you need to follow the right steps when buying a boat from a private seller.

Ensure you see the boat

The first thing you must do is ensure you see the boat before making any commitments. It is very tempting to jump on a bargain boat that is not nearby and trust that the seller is telling the truth and the photos are accurate. Seeing a boat in person changes perspective. Seeing the boat in person helps you know how big it is and helps you know if it is the ideal choice for you. You should also plan a sea trial to see how it sails.  If you are confident that is the boat for you, you can proceed with the negotiations.

Get a thorough inspection

While it is possible to inspect the boat yourself, you will need the input of a professional to find hidden issues. That is why you must work with a boat surveyor. An experienced surveyor has inspected many vessels that are similar to yours. He is also familiar with the inspection guidelines. Their input will ensure you know every inch of the vessel and compile a report you can present to lenders and insurance companies. Don’t hesitate to pay extra for a sea trial if you really love a boat. It will help uncover any major issue. You also need to let the surveyor review the paperwork.


Now that you are certain the vessel is in an acceptable condition, it is time to bring the price down. This will involve negotiations. You can use the findings of the marine surveyor to compel the private seller to bring the selling price down. Make sure everything you agree on is included in a purchase agreement.

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