Marine Surveyor Palm Beach – Why Do You Need a Marine Survey?

Are you planning on buying a used boat? Do you want to know the exact condition of your boat? Do you want to get financing against your boat or get insurance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you definitely need to reach out to a marine surveyor Palm Beach. But why exactly do you need a boat survey?

Get a better understanding of your prospective purchase

When buying a boat, getting a marine survey is not required. You can buy a used boat without hiring a boat surveyor. The problem with this is you will not know precisely if you are making a sound investment or not. Hiring a trained marine surveyor Palm Beach will help you get a thorough inspection of the boat from the stem to stern. The inspection will provide you with detailed insights as well as instill confidence knowing you are making a great decision buying that boat.

A boat survey report that is provided by a boat surveyor is an assurance of the condition of the vessel you are about to buy. Don’t rely on web content and photos as these are meant to promote only the positive aspects of the boat. Any information you get from the seller will also not focus on the critical issues that the boat may have. That is why you need a survey report which is done by a professional who is objective. A boat survey report will further provide carefully research current fair market as well as replacement cost values using trusted resources which are not available to the public.

Depending on a boat’s accessibility, a typical boat survey includes out-of-water as well as bottom inspection. The surveyor will also take a look at the onboard systems and also perform a sea trial. You will be provided with a full cosmetic and structural analysis, list of findings as well as recommendations. All this will give you a better understanding of the boat you are about to buy.

For the purposes of financing or insurance

If you don’t have the money to purchase a boat, lenders will require a survey to be done. This is usually done to determine the precise value of a boat. The lender will use the survey report to determine how much they should lend you.

For the purposes of insurance, you will be required to get a boat survey. Insurance companies usually have areas that have to be covered in an inspection. You need to make sure that you find a marine surveyor Palm Beach that will be accepted by your insurance company. You also need to request a list of things that the insurance company want to be included in the survey.

Bearing in mind buying a boat is a huge investment, you want to be certain you are not buying a doomed boat. It is the job of the marine surveyor to ensure you are not making a mistake.

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