Boat Inspector Palm Beach – What You Should Know About Pre-Purchase Boat Surveys

A boat survey is needed when buying a used boat. However, to take the full advantage of the services of a boat inspector Palm Beach, you have to get a deeper understanding of what is involved in a boat survey. In this post we will be looking at the survey guidelines followed by surveyors, the scope of a pre-purchase survey and what you should do to get the most out of the survey.

Guidelines followed by boat surveyors

Bearing in mind a boat inspector Palm Beach will only listen and observe, it is easy to assume that he or she will cut corners when performing a marine survey. This is not true. A qualified boat surveyor is required to adhere to the Code of Federal Regulations (also referred to as the Coast Guard regulations). These regulations cover the minimal requirements for sanitation, navigation lights, safety equipment, electrical and fuel systems and engine.

The surveyor also has to adhere to the American Boat and Yacht Council Standards. These are recommendations that carry a lot of weight more so after an accident or if a failure ends up in court. Additional standards that surveyors have to follow include those from the National Fire Protection Agency and the Offshore Special Regulations. While the surveyor does make judgement calls, he must first adhere to regulations from a multitude of sources depending on the boat being inspected.

Scope of a Survey

A marine survey is a snapshot of the condition of a boat at the specific time it is being inspected. That is why you should never rely on old surveys. You also need to remember that the type of survey performed will be influenced by market forces which have created a ‘normal’ pre-purchase ‘condition and value’ survey.

A classic survey routine begins with a slip. The haul and bottom are cleaned and an inspection done once the boat dries up. The boat is re-launched and the boat inspector Palm Beach performs a sea trial. The surveyor will have to modify the routine depending on the weather. If the weather is too bad, the survey may be rescheduled.

At the end of the survey, the surveyor will write a report with a description of the boat and its systems, findings and recommendations, statement of the vessel’s overall condition and the fair market and replacement value of the boat.

How to get the most out of a boat survey

Whether you are buying or selling a boat, to get the most out of the survey you must first ensure you hire a reputable surveyor. Second, you need to get the boat ready for the survey by decluttering and making the necessary boat yard arrangements. You should also be present during the survey to help the boat inspector Palm Beach do his job and ask any question you may have.

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