Marine Surveyor Palm Beach – Why Are Boats So Expensive?

If you are buying your first boat, you are probably reading this post because you didn’t know the cost that much. There is always that inevitable intake of breath when you first see the price tag. Boats are expensive both to buy and maintain. But is that high cost justifiable? To know what you are getting for your money, you first need to involve a marine surveyor Palm Beachtrusts. The surveyor will help you know if the boat you are targeting has been overpriced and if there are things you can use to bring the cost down. Here are some of the key reasons why boats cost so much.

Supply and demand

When compared with cars, boats cost way more. This can be attributed to the fact that cars are a necessity in the modern world whereas boats are more of a luxury. There is a low demand for boats than there is for cars. As a result, manufacturers don’t benefit from the economies of scale. They have to charge more for a boat in order to break even and make a profit. This causes the price of boats to go up. However, if you are after a used boat, the best thing you can do is look at the price of similar boats in your area and bring in a marine surveyor Palm Beach trusts to help you know the selling price of the secondhand boat is within the fair market value. The input of a marine surveyor will further help you know if the boat you are targeting has major issues.

Manufacturing costs

The overall cost of building a boat is the key reason why manufacturers cannot lower their costs. This high cost is obviously transferred to the consumers. The reason for the high manufacturing cost is the fact that, unlike cars whose manufacturing process is automated, most boats are built by hand. Moreover, manufacturers need vast shipyards where only a handful of boats can be built. The sheer size of boats and their complexity means skilled labor is needed. All these lead to a high manufacturing cost.


The horsepower needed on a boat has to be massive. This too causes the cost of manufacturing a boat to be high. Moreover, whether a manufacturer is working on a powerful RIB, a slow-moving riverboat, or a racy day cruiser, a lot of research and development has to be put in. All this costs money that is ultimately transferred to the user.

The high cost of buying a boat is what forces most people to opt for secondhand boats. These are more affordable than brand new boats. However, for you to end up with a good boat, you will need the input of a marine surveyor in Palm Beach. Let him evaluate the boat on your behalf and pay attention to the details in the survey report. That information will help you know exactly what you are buying.

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