Marine Surveyor Palm Beach – What is in a Marine Survey?

Are you thinking about hiring a marine surveyor Palm Beach trusts? If you are, one of the key things you must do is understand what is included in a survey. The first point you must understand about marine surveys is that the vessel will be reported to the person that pays the surveyor; not the boat owner. The report is the current state of the vessel following a general examination. The inspection is also limited to the areas of the vessel that are accessible for a visual inspection; concealed areas will not be included.

One of the top reasons why you need a marine surveyor Palm Beach stands behind to perform a survey is so that you can use their findings to bargain down the purchase price. Experienced boat surveyors inspect a vessel using standards or guidelines that have been set out by established bodies. They also rely on their own experience to ensure they cover every aspect of the vessel. That is why you must always go for the most experienced surveyor who is fully versed in the standards and has experience surveying vessels that are similar to the one you are targeting.

Typically, a marine survey consists of sounding and obtaining moisture meter readings through the decks, hull, frames, superstructure, bulkheads, and the stringers transom. These are usually the main areas of focus during an inspection. The surveyor checks for areas of delamination, air voids from the time of manufacturing and the amount of moisture retention in the fiberglass or core. Most vessels will have moisture in some areas. It is the work of the surveyor to determine if the moisture level is normal or excessive.

In addition to moisture checks, the surveyor will inspect all the systems on the boat. They are checked for operation and not diagnostic. Surveyors are not licensed mechanics or electricians. They do not take components apart to look inside. They can, however, use imaging tools to look inside without dismantling an item. If they suspect there is a problem with certain components, they will advise you to contact an electrician or mechanic.

A marine surveyor in Palm Beach will also check for the following:

  • Electrolysis activity
  • Osmosis
  • Condition of all underwater gear including propellers, cutlass bearings and struts
  • Previous repairs and the condition of those repairs
  • Inspection of the fasteners such as chain plates, bolts and evidence of leaks

When buying a used boat, it is good to add a condition in which you will only purchase the vessel if the report from a mechanic or electrician is satisfactory to you. You should consider bringing your mechanic along for a sea trial.

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