Marine Surveyor 34956 – What Is a Thru-Hull Fitting Inspection in a Marine Survey?

One of the standard procedures a marine surveyor 34956 completes is a thru-hull fitting inspection. Thru-hull fittings are openings on the hull of your boat that allow water, air, and fuel to flow through or into the vessel. A thru-hull fitting inspection from Suncoast Marine Surveying is an important part of the marine survey process to evaluate if any maintenance is needed.

A thru-hull fitting is commonly made using bronze, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or plastic. Each of these materials can corrode over time due to exposure to salt water, increasing their chances of being compromised by leaks. It’s essential to be aware of how easy it is for corrosion and wear to occur so that you can be mindful and take measures to properly maintain your thru-hull fittings.

A thru-hull fitting installation must be done with precision to ensure the security of the seal between the fitting and the hull. This connection needs to be secure enough that it can withstand pressure from within and outside of the hull. When this connection becomes weakened, the risk of flooding occurring in your boat increases drastically. One of the main roles of marine surveyor 34956 professionals at Suncoast Marine Surveying is to detect if any probable cause of flooding is present before you leave the dock.

During the thru-hull fitting inspection process, a marine surveyor will check for any visible signs of corrosion, leakage, or weakening of any kind. If anything appears to be off, ultrasound testing may be necessary to identify potential hidden problems. By using ultrasonic sound waves, layers of the metal can be inspected without having to cut apart the hull structure.

The location of your thru-hull fitting is also important for a marine surveyor to consider when examining the integrity of your boat. Areas such as around sea cocks located in bilges, areas beneath decks, and even behind stringers all need to be taken into account to access possible damages caused by both weather and wear. Therefore, it’s important for anyone planning a major repair job or overhaul they hire a trained professional like those found at Suncoast Marine Surveying who have experience conducting thru-hull fitting inspections.

The presence of a well-maintained thru-hull fitting system in your boat is one way to reduce stress while out on the open sea. Your chances are slim of having feelings of unease if you have inspected each component thoroughly. This is why it’s crucial that you keep an eye on your equipment and regularly inspect your vessel before setting sail.

As a leading provider of marine surveying services, Suncoast Marine Surveying stresses the importance of checking all parts of your boat prior to leaving port. Get in touch with us today to benefit from our team of qualified marine surveyors.

Marine Surveyor 34956