Boat Inspector Palm Beach – What is Looked at in an Exterior Boat Inspection?

When you hire a boat inspector Palm Beachtrusts, he will inspect every inch of your boat. His work mostly starts with the inspection of the exterior. To do this inspection well, your boat may have to be lifted out of the water. This enables the surveyor to inspect the underside of the hull. But what exactly will the surveyor focus on when inspecting the exterior?

As aforementioned, unless you have specific requirements, the inspection of a boat starts with the visual inspection of the boat’s exterior. This helps the boat inspector Palm Beach trusts get a feel of the boat’s exterior condition, its space as well as layout. Keep in mind that the exterior is what keeps water from getting in the boat. If there are any issues, a catastrophe will be inevitable.

Check for damages or repairs

To understand the condition of your boat’s exterior, the surveyor will pay attention to any damages and major repairs that have been done. The surveyor will check for cracks, signs of major repairs, and discolored areas which show repairs were made.

Inspect the transom, decks, bilge and fuel tank

The transom is the area where an outboard engine would be mounted. If the surveyor finds waterlogged wood, this shows the area has major issues. While this issue is less common in modern boats, older wooden vessels are more susceptible to rot. The surveyor will also check the bilge area for signs of oil leaks, rot and warping.

Ensure the stringers are connected properly

The stringers must be connected properly to the hull. If they are not, the whole boat will be doomed. It is not easy to tell if the stringers are well connected. This is more so for an untrained eye. Your surveyor may use a torch or other specialized equipment to determine the integrity of the connection. Any damage or separation has to be treated with extreme wariness.


Are you going for a sailing yacht? If you are, then you have to pay attention to the rigging and sails. These are very expensive to replace. Considering they are used regularly when cruising, you want to make sure they are in perfect condition. The rigging also has to be changed at least once every 10 years. Your surveyor will ask when the rigging was last changed.

These are just some of the areas that are inspected on the exterior. There are many more areas an experienced surveyor will look at. Make sure you get every inch looked at.

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