Boat Surveyor Palm Beach – Which are the Main Areas Covered in a Yacht Survey

Are you in the market for a used yacht? If you have already identified the vessel that you want, the next thing you have to do is find a dependable boat surveyor Palm Beach. The role of the surveyor is to help you determine if the vessel you are after is a worthy investment or not. All in all, before you hire a surveyor you have to know what will be looked at in a yacht survey. 


One of the primary areas of focus in a yacht survey is the hull. Your boat surveyor Palm Beach will start with the hull looking at the conditions of the underwater, topsides and deck. The keel matrix or the frame arrangement is crucial together with the condition of the hull-to-keel joint. The surveyor will also check to make sure the attachment of the keel is appropriate.

In the boat survey, the surveyor looks for evidence of damage or grounding to the keel because this can be a major issue. He also lists and checks conditions of underwater fittings both externally and internally. The surveyor also makes sure the attachments and hoses are all in good condition and properly secured.


The rudder blades are often an issue more so if a boat is more than 20 years old. If the blades have absorbed a lot of moisture, this can cause structural failure. The surveyor will focus on a couple basic inspection points to confirm the overall condition of the rudder.


In a pre-purchase yacht survey, the engine has to be inspected. While a sea-trial offers the best way to determine the condition of an engine, not all issue present during a sea trial. Your surveyor will have a list of faults to check. This includes commenting on oil leaks, mounts, filters, fuel lines, condition of the engine bed, drive belts, cooling system and exhaust system. The surveyor will further check the stern gland arrangement, bearings, shaft and the condition of the propeller.

Onboard systems

The onboard systems need to be checked to ensure they don’t have any significant issues. The survey needs to comment on the navigation lights, bilge pumps, water systems, water pumps, shower pump outs and as many other systems as possible. A gas safe inspection is a worth investment and in many cases required when insuring a vessel.

Other areas checked include the following:

  • Diesel heaters
  • Rigging
  • Safety equipment

Buying a yacht is a huge investment. You want to be certain that you are buying the best boat. Working closely with an experienced boat surveyor Palm Beach will help you evaluate every aspect of the boat and be certain the investment is worth it.

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