Boat Inspector Palm Beach – Hidden Problems in Used Boats

When buying a used boat, hiring a boat inspector Palm Beach is a must. You cannot take the boat owner’s word for it or make decisions based on aesthetics. There are so many hidden problems that have to be looked at when buying a used boat. In this post, we will be focusing on the main issues that boat surveyors focus on.

Engine problems

The worst mistake you can make is buying a boat with a bad engine. Doing so will be disastrous especially when you consider your boat will not work without an engine and it costs a fortune to fix an engine. It is for this reason that the main focus of a boat inspector Palm Beach is the condition of the engine. They check the oil, the plugs and listen to how smooth the engine sounds when running. A boat surveyor will advise you to show up at least 15 minutes before the sea trial so that the boat owner doesn’t warm up the engine ahead of time to hide startup issues.

Electrical systems

Replacing the wiring on a boat is hard. The wires run under decks, through tight chases, and into closed compartments. When evaluating a used boat, you have to make sure that all the electrical items from the lights to the electronics are working properly. Don’t forget to look at the fuse box. If you see different brand fuses, this will indicate that some of the fuses have been replaced. Ask the owner why the fuses have been replaced. Don’t forget to take a survey of the state of the wiring to ensure it is well-loomed and supported.

Failing pumps

The bilge pumps are the most worrying pumps on a boat. You have to make sure that the pump works smoothly after flipping a switch. You also need to access the bilge pump and switch it on manually to make sure it works. You also need to test everything that is powered by a pump. Your marine surveyor will help confirm the condition of all pumps.


Rot is not as common in used boats as it used to be in the past. This is because most boat builders no longer use untreated wood. This does not, however, mean that you shouldn’t check for rot. Your boat inspector Palm Beach will go through the boat checking for rust and rot. The surveyor will also give recommendations on repairs.

There are many more issues you should look for including the stringers, cabin leaks, saturated foam, leaking lower units, and hull to deck joint separation. While an experienced boat surveyor will be able to look at all these issues, it doesn’t hurt to know what to focus on when reviewing a used boat.

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