Boat Surveyor Palm Beach – Important Things to Do When Buying a Used Boat

Buying a used boat enables you to purchase the boat of your dream at a fraction of the cost. Just like new cars, used boats don’t take the blow of depreciation as hard as new boats. You will be able to get a bigger and better-used boat at a fraction of the cost of a new boat. However, this doesn’t mean every used boat you find is worth buying. Some are in terrible conditions. To avoid spending money on a doomed vessel, always get a survey done by an experienced boat surveyor Palm Beach trusts. Here are the important things you should do before committing to a used boat. 

Investigate the current value

When you bring in a boat surveyor Palm Beach trusts, the first thing the surveyor will do is compile a thorough report on the exact condition of the boat. The report will help you know if major repairs were ever done on the boat and what kind of repairs need to be done. Second, the surveyor will help you understand the fair market value of the boat. This information is very important during negotiations. The marine survey will guarantee that you never pay more than you should for a boat.

Test drive

At times, during a marine survey, a boat surveyor may recommend a sea trial. If your surveyor doesn’t offer this, you should make time to test drive the boat before giving any commitments. A test drive helps you know how it feels to drive the boat on the water. The best thing is most sellers and dealers will allow you to take their boat on a ‘test drive’. This enables you to ensure the boat works and is a perfect fit for your needs. Don’t forget to bring along a trusted boat inspector or friend for the test drive. Their opinion will help inform your final decision.

Don’t over-shop

Common mistake buyers make is spending too much time looking for the perfect boat. While this will help find the best boats in Palm Beach, over-shopping will leave you confused. Moreover, if you keep shopping, you will end up losing out on a great deal. The important point to remember is you might never find the perfect deal and you have to negotiate price and features.

Get the documentation

Last but not least, never buy a boat that doesn’t have any paperwork. The proper documentation will help you know who the real owner is and how well serviced the boat is. Once you decide on the boat to buy, you should get the proper documentation including the bill of sale, title, proof of payment and any maintenance records. Ensure these documents are notarized. These documents help keep everything legal.

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