Why Do You Need a Boat Inspector Palm Beach?

Oftentimes, boat owners only contact a boat inspector Palm Beach when it is absolutely unavoidable. Unavoidable circumstances include when an insurance provider or a lender requires a survey report. They rely more on the input of their mechanic and electrician to ensure everything on their vessel is in perfect shape. What you may not know is that the input of a boat surveyor can save you time and money more so when getting ready to sell your boat or buy a used boat. To better understand why you should work with a marine surveyor, you need to understand when and why you should hire one.

The main reason people call a boat inspector Palm Beach is to perform a pre-purchase survey. This is a comprehensive survey done to understand the precise condition of a boat before buying it. The primary concern when hiring a boat surveyor, in this case, is to guarantee the safety of your vessel, crew and investment. While your lending institution or insurer will require a boat survey to be done, it is important to remember that the reason for working with a surveyor is to ensure the vessel is reliable, seaworthy, safe and with no major flaws.

Secondary concern when working with a surveyor has to be financial in nature. Buying a boat requires a significant investment. As a result, you definitely want the sale to go without a single hitch. If there is a problem with the vessel, an experienced surveyor will be able to find it and document it in the survey report. It is, however, your job as a buyer to make sure these problems are found before the deal is inked. That way you will either be able to avoid making a bad investment or use the documented problems to negotiate a better deal with the seller. Keep in mind that once you sign the sale agreement, you will no longer have any bargaining power in the sales transaction process.

Another reason that mandates a survey to be done is for the benefit of an insurer. After you own the vessel, you will pay for any damage that befalls it. To avoid spending a lot out of your pocket, you should get boat insurance. Insurance providers will require a survey report from a reputable surveyor.

You will have to get a survey done if you plan on using your boat as collateral for a loan. Lenders will want to know the real value of your vessel before accepting it as collateral.

Virtually any vessel will benefit from a boat inspection in Palm Beach. An inspection can be done even when you don’t plan on selling your vessel, using it as collateral or getting insurance. A survey can be done simply to understand the exact condition of your vessel and to avoid expensive repairs in the near future.

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