Questions to Ask Before a Boat Inspection Palm Beach

While there are many individuals who call themselves surveyors, you have to be careful before hiring someone for a boat inspection Palm Beach. Before hiring a surveyor, you need to ask them the right questions so as to determine if they have what it takes to deliver the service you need. In this post, we will be focusing on the questions you must ask before the inspection starts.

Have you surveyed boats similar to mine?

This is a question that will let you know if the surveyor will deliver quality services or not. If he has no experience conducting a boat inspection Palm Beach on a boat that is similar to yours in terms of make and model, chances are he will miss some things. If the experience of a boat surveyor is strictly powerboats and you are buying a sailboat, the service they offer might not be as great. You might want to keep looking for another boat surveyor. If they say they have worked on a boat that is similar to yours, ask for a sample report and review it before making a decision.

What will the inspection include?

A good surveyor will include a thorough inspection of the boat’s deck, hull, superstructure and systems. As they go through these items, the surveyor will be checking if the vessel’s equipment and systems are in compliance with the current standards that are defined by the USCG, NFPA, and the ABYC. If there is an issue that needs specialized attention, the surveyor will recommend bringing in a mechanic or electrician to take a closer look.

What will be included in the survey report?

A competent surveyor will provide you with a thorough and detailed written report. The report describes the various parts of the boat, detailed information about the hull’s condition as well as the condition of equipment and systems. The survey report is usually between 30 to 40 pages. The length depends on the size of the boat being surveyed and the type of survey being done. A comprehensive report will also include photographs, recommendations and findings of the boat’s condition.

How long does the survey take?

The duration of the survey will depend on the type of boat you are buying. The survey of boats that are less than 25 feet long takes about two to three hours. This includes a sea trial. For bigger boats, the survey can take between four to six hours. The survey of boats that are longer than 50 feet can take up to two days to complete. Once the survey is done, you will get the survey report within two to three business days.

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