Marine Surveyor Palm Beach – Important Questions to Answer When Buying a Boat

Buying your own boat gives you the freedom of being able to sail anywhere on your own terms. However, before you start living your best life, you must be very decisive when choosing a boat. This is because there is more to boat ownership than just buying one. If you are on a tight budget or you are buying your first boat, you should consider going for a pre-owned boat. This will cost you less and will not depreciate in value too much. The only caveat is you will need the services of a marine surveyor Palm Beach. The boat surveyor will inspect your boat and provide you with a detailed report on its condition. This information is very important when you don’t want to spend money on a doomed vessel.

In addition to involving a boat surveyor Palm Beach trusts, there are three very important questions you must answer before choosing a used boat.

What do you need the boat for?

This is a no-brainer. To know the size of boat you need and the features it must have, you have to think about its intended use. If you are not clear on what you need the boat for, you will end up buying a boat that ends up frustrating you. The best thing is once you know what you need the boat for, an experienced boat surveyor can help you know if the boat you are considering fits your intended purpose.  

How will you finance the purchase?

In addition to setting a budget on how much you wish to spend on the boat, you have to think about how you will be financing the purchase. The good news is there are numerous financing options you can use today. The available options include:

  • Getting a bank loan
  • Working with a marine lender
  • Financing the purchase through a boat dealer or yacht broker

Unless it is a small boat, most people don’t pay for a boat in cash. If you plan on using a financing option, a marine lender that specializes in marine financing is often the best choice. Whichever option you use, make sure you get favorable terms and get a loan that you can pay back. 

Where will you store the boat?

Last but not least, you have to think about the boat’s storage. When you are not using the boat, you have to think about where you will keep it. Popular options include keeping it docked in a home port marine or keeping it on a trailer. The bigger your boat is, the more storage space it will need and the more money it will cost you. Keep in mind that you will need special permission to transport your boat from one location to another by road.

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