How to Get Your Vessel Ready for a Boat Inspection Palm Beach?

How well you prepare for a boat inspection Palm Beach will determine how smoothly the survey goes and how thorough a surveyor will be. The work of the surveyor is to observe, listen and document. Forcing the surveyor to declutter the boat for you will only get in his way. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the important things you must do when getting ready for a boat survey.

Declutter the boat

The first thing you need to do is get rid of anything that will only get in the way of the boat surveyor. This includes your fishing gear and other extraneous equipment. Your gumboots and raincoat don’t need to be on board during the inspection. In simple terms, anything that will not be included as part of the sale should be removed from the boat. If removing these items is not possible, label them as not-for-sale or available-at-an-extra cost. Doing so will help avoid confusion during a boat inspection Palm Beach.

Clean the boat

Decluttering your boat is not enough. To make the work of the boat surveyor easier you need to clean your boat. pressure washing from top to bottom will help the surveyor find components easily and determine their condition without having to scrub them.

The propeller of the boat must also be cleaned to remove growth. Doing so will help reduce the vibrations and help the boat perform better during a sea trial. You also need to scrub the engines, bilges and machinery spaces.

Get periodic maintenance done

The objective of a marine survey is to help a buyer know if your boat is a great investment or not. At times, low or old oil can cause the boat to underperform and subsequently send the wrong message. That is why you should perform periodic maintenance including impeller and oil changes before the day of the survey.

Wax your boat

First impressions do matter. That is why in addition to cleaning your boat you should consider having a gel coat waxed, the stainless steel work polished as well as the wood varnished. You should also consider touching up paint and testing all the equipment to ensure they are performing well. If something is not working, you can get it fixed or note it so that the buyer will not be surprised.

In a boat inspection Palm Beach, a surveyor will earn his keep by identifying past maintenance problems and future repair needs. Whether you are a boat owner or a buyer, you should make sure you hire the most qualified marine surveyor.

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